50 Logos Collection

Welcome to my collection of 50 logos created over the past decade. Each logo represents a unique journey, where I worked closely with the client to develop a solution that perfectly aligns with their brand values.

Colorful cloud logo with overlap effect for an Air Conditioner Dealer, representing comfort and coolness

Air Conditioner Dealer

Letter 'K' combined with a house for a Real Estate Agency, symbolizing key properties and reliable homes

Real Estate Agency

DataRaft logo with a raft and the letter 'D', representing seamless data operations and navigation

Software Solution

Everyone - Nonprofit Communication Platform logo, features abstract letter 'E' in a circular form, symbolizing unity and inclusivity

Nonprofit Communication Platform

Logo for Education Subscription Service, featuring a folded letter 'W', symbolizing learning resources and subscription convenience

Education Subscription Service

Architecture Startup logo, floating blocks forming the shape of a building, representing creativity and innovative design

Architecture Startup

Blue Cat Reports logo for Reporting App for Trello, featuring a cute blue cat, representing user-friendly and engaging reporting

Reporting App for Trello

True Blue Properties - Real Estate Company logo, blue house with multiple layers, symbolizing depth and reliable real estate services

Real Estate Company

Premium Domain Marketplace logo, letter 'B' with flag, symbolizing premium and global domain offerings

Premium Domain Marketplace

IT Consulting Company logo, type-based design, representing professionalism and technological expertise

IT Consulting Company

Mental Well-being App logo, colorful 'Z' letter design, symbolizing positivity and vibrant mental health

Mental Well-being App

Quori - Risk Management Platform logo, custom lettering design, reflecting uniqueness and tailored risk solutions

Risk Management Platform

IndigoPrep - Educational Platform logo, 'IP' letters connected in a 3D shape, symbolizing educational connectivity and excellence

Educational Platform

ILUAQUT - IT Consulting and Developing company logo, abstract letter 'I' design, representing innovation and technical expertise

IT Consulting and Developing

Colorful 'S' logo with overlay elements for Web Design Studio, symbolizing creativity and dynamic design solutions

Web Design Studio

Takeoff - Web Development Agency logo, code brackets with a rocket inside, symbolizing launch and technological advancement

Web Development Agency 

CoinBasket - Crypto Exchange logo, basket shape built with multiple circles, representing diversity and secure crypto transactions

Crypto Exchange

Deluxe Distribution - Wholesale Distributor logo, two mirrored letters 'D' with a star inside, symbolizing excellence and wholesale distribution

Wholesale Distributor 

Procura - SaaS E-procurement Solution logo, abstract letter 'P' built with arrows, symbolizing dynamic and efficient procurement

SaaS E-procurement Solution

Web Development logo, low poly pomegranate fruit, symbolizing creativity and diverse solutions

Web Development

Logo for Car Dealership, abstract front side view of a car, representing automotive style and excellence.

Car Dealership

Real Estate Agency logo, colorful house with overlay effect, symbolizing diverse and vibrant real estate offerings

Real Estate Agency

Tweedo - Contact Management App logo, abstract letter 'T' built using two shapes, symbolizing simplicity and effective contact management

Contact Management App

HyperCart - SaaS Software logo, cart design with speed elements, symbolizing efficiency and high-speed SaaS solutions

SaaS Software

AR/VR Development Company logo, abstract shape built with three ellipse shapes and gradient effect, representing innovation and immersive technology

AR/VR Development Company

Medical Company logo, features abstract heart shape, symbolizing care and commitment to health

Medical Company

Syndicate Solutions - Security Solutions logo, abstract colorful 'S' design, symbolizing security and dynamic solutions

Security Solutions

Xposure - Startup in the Music Industry logo, abstract 'X' logo resembling an equalizer, symbolizing exposure and dynamic music experiences

Startup in the Music Industry

Worldwide Integrated - Cross Border Consulting Company logo, bridge image inside a circle, symbolizing global connectivity and integrated solutions

A Cross Border Consulting Company

Lucid Values - Job Board Website logo, letters 'L' and 'V' combined in one shape, symbolizing clarity and strong values in job opportunities

Job Board Website

CUDATO - Software Automation Technology logo, circle with three arrows inside, symbolizing automation and technological efficiency

Software Automation Technology

Regimark - Trademark Registration Service logo, 'R' inside a circle, symbolizing registration and legal protection for trademarks

Trademark Registration Service

Optimised - Electronic Product Design Company logo, creative circle letter 'O,' symbolizing innovation and optimization in electronic product design

Electronic Product Design Company

Online Retirement Guide logo, letter 'R' mixed with mint leaf, symbolizing financial growth and freshness in retirement planning

Online Retirement Guide

Loralink - New Wireless Network logo, letter 'L' with three waves, symbolizing connectivity and seamless wireless communication

New Wireless Network

NEORAH - Stationery Manufacturer logo, letter 'N' combined with a star, symbolizing quality and excellence in stationery

Stationery Manufacturer

iterasec - Security Services logo, abstract shape with multiple letters 'i' and letter 'S' in negative space, symbolizing intricate and secure services

Security Services

Devima - Software Development Company logo, abstract letter 'D' with foldable elements, symbolizing dynamic and innovative software solutions

Software Development Company

iTeleCanter - Virtual Phone System logo, chat bubble with lines inside, symbolizing communication and virtual phone services

Virtual Phone System

Software Development LS logo, combining the letters 'L' and 'S', symbolizing collaboration and efficiency in software development

Software Development

Iterati - Product Design Studio logo, abstract 'i' design, symbolizing innovation and creativity in product design

Product Design Studio

Academeet - Event Management Company logo, combining a shield with the letter 'A', symbolizing security and organization in event management

Event Management Company

Squirrel Wallet - DeFi Crypto Wallet logo, featuring a squirrel silhouette, symbolizing security and storage for decentralized finance

DeFi Crypto Wallet

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