Lindy is a web-based candidate screening and assessment tool for HR teams. They help employers and recruiters with large volumes of candidates speed up pre-screening and assessment. Candidates save time and energy by being able to do assessments on the go.


The word "Lind" means "Bird" in Estonian.


Idea behind logomark


The Lindy logomark was carefully built using equal circles and lines.


One color tint version for white and dark backgrounds.


Client Review

"Bohdan met (exceeded, really) my fairly high expectations. He ran with the initial brief and my answers to his additional questions and delivered several very strong candidates for the logo.

After some back and forth around the strongest candidates, we settled on the one I felt best represented our brand and then iterated on colors, fonts, and some smaller details. Bohdan was quick to respond, open to trying out ideas while also answering my questions about various details, and provided his own design expertise input.

Overall, I am extremely pleased both with the process and the outcome. I hope I get to work with him in the future." 

Karl Sutt, Co-Founder at Lindy

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